I have been involved with business for the past 30 years, starting in my father’s business at an early age, witnessing the mistakes and pitfalls that hindered even the most qualified and talented in their business development journey.

My personal business journey with all the normal hazards, bad advice and general chaos trying to do everything in the early days, has led to my decision to help others to fast track their business success through providing coaching, mentoring and various programs to help them take their business to the next level with the development of the 9 keys to business and the profit wheel and later the profit pyramid with my wife.

These systems were developed identify the various key areas of business to break them down into manageable and easy to identify areas so that the trouble areas could be recognised and worked on without unnecessary expense or delays. This allowed my clients to see where they were excelling and where they needed to improve so that each area worked in harmony and propelled their business forward instead of holding it back.

In recent years I decided to mainly focus on builders and contractors as they were notorious for working the long hours, known for being skilled at their trade but yet many struggle to reach the level of success they are striving for. With some simple changes implemented and being held accountable to achieve their goals, I have helped hundreds of businesses to improve their profits, attract better quality leads and turn more of their quotes into paying jobs.

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