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Greg Hamlyn – Your Business Growth Partner

Greg Hamlyn, a seasoned small business coach, brings over 40 years of diverse professional experience to the table, specializing in propelling small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to new heights. His journey from a mechanic to a successful business coach is a testament to his adaptability, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Greg’s expertise spans across various sectors, including sales training, marketing, finance, and time management. He has a knack for systemizing workflows, and simplifying complex issues. With Greg, you gain a partner who is committed to your success and equipped with the tools to make it happen.

A Proven Approach to Business Coaching

Greg’s approach to business coaching is rooted in his unique programs, which are designed to address the key areas of business growth: strategy, money, time, marketing, sales, delivery/service, systems, team, and leadership. These programs are tailored to the needs of SMEs, providing practical solutions and strategies that can be implemented immediately for quick and effective results.

The Wheel of Business Growth

9 Keys business growth wheel

At the heart of Greg’s approach is the Wheel of Business Growth, a proven system that guides businesses through the three crucial stages of growth: Foundations, Growth, and Leverage.

This system is to help businesses achieve the ultimate lifestyle and freedom.

Foundations – Strategy, Money, Time

The first step is laying a solid foundation for your business. This involves developing a clear strategy, managing your finances effectively, and making the most of your time. With Greg’s coaching, you’ll learn how to set clear goals, budget wisely, and streamline your operations to save time. The result? A well-structured business that’s ready for growth.

Growth – Marketing, Sales, Delivery/Service

The next step is growth. This involves effective marketing to attract new customers, boosting sales, and ensuring excellent delivery or service. Greg’s coaching will equip you with proven marketing strategies, sales techniques, and service delivery methods that will set your business apart from the competition. The result? Increased revenue and a growing customer base.

Leverage – Systems, Team, Leadership

The final step is leverage. This involves creating efficient systems, building a strong team, and developing your leadership skills. With Greg’s coaching, you’ll learn how to automate processes, manage your team effectively, and lead with confidence. The result? A scalable business that operates smoothly, even without your constant supervision.

Experience the Benefits of Professional Business Coaching

With Greg’s business coaching, you’re not just investing in your business—you’re investing in a better life. Our programs are designed to give you more time with your family by streamlining processes and improving efficiency. We help you build a reliable team that can operate independently, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most. And of course, we aim to increase your profitability, providing you with the financial freedom you deserve.

Imagine the lifestyle and freedom that comes with having a successful, self-sustaining business. Imagine having more time to spend with your loved ones, more resources to enjoy life, and the satisfaction of knowing that your business is thriving. That’s what Greg’s coaching can help you achieve.

Proven Results

Our clients’ success speaks for itself. From increased job capacity to improved cash flow, our clients have experienced the transformative power of Greg’s coaching.

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